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710 S Front St – Russell

For Sale
$495,000.00 - Commercial

One of the nicest warehouses and office spaces you will ever find.  This property at 710 South Front Street in Russell, Kansas is very accessible…

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6250 Sq Ft 1.5 Bathrooms

North Central Kansas

For Sale
$375,000.00 - Commercial

This business provides HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical contract work for a North-Central Kansas community.  This business has been owned by one family for several generations…

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2810 Plaza Ave

$190,000.00 - Commercial, Office

The office building at 2810 Plaza Ave has a very pleasant and welcoming reception area.  In addition there are 7 offices to provide confidential meetings…

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1800 Sq Ft

3001 Hall

For Sale
$95,000.00 - Commercial

OFFICE SPACE!! Need 8 offices plus a reception area and a lobby?  3001 Hall can give you all of this and a basement area for…

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2051 Sq Ft

00000 H Ave, Wilson, KS

For Sale
$40,000.00 - Commercial

POSSIBILITIES!!  Need a multi-purpose building? This building can provide a workshop, warehouse, repair shop and even a car and boat storage.  There are two overhead…

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3360 Sq Ft

Southgate Trailer Park

For Sale
$749,000.00 - Commercial

Southgate Trailer Park has huge growth potential and possibilities.  At the current revenue your rate of return is very good in today’s market.   There are…

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6.33 Acres