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For Sale $1,200,000.00 - Business Brokerage, Confidential Listings

This Oil Field Pump and Supply Company is strategically located in three Western Kansas communities. This allows for an excellent opportunity to serve the Oil production in these areas.  The company provides not only parts for equipment in the oil patch but also a large amount of repair work that other supply companies can’t do.  One of those being the cleaning and refurbishing of the pump, they own a large vat which is heated by a boiler and can remove the paraffin from the pump allowing it to be reconditioned.

The company can supply pipe and fittings all the way down to the smallest parts needed to keep the supply of oil moving. The sale includes all items to keep the business running. This includes all inventory, equipment, furniture and fixtures to maintain the business as well as several pickups and trailers. This also includes the buildings and Real Estate in two of the communities but the third location has a rented building.

Sales Price is $1,200,000 for the Inventory, Furniture, Fixtures, Pickups, and Real Estate.    Text or call Lyn Klein at 785.432.3322 for additional information.

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